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[image: a series of posters such as 5 things to know about your queer child, 5 ways to end transphobia and 8 queer identities to understand].

**Trigger warning for cissexist slurs in bottom left poster**







I’m the co-chair, and organizer for a local outreach program that was just started in my town to help queer kids and allies.

I put together some “info handouts” and we’re all really excited about them.

Please let me know if you have ideas for more, or how we should change them to be even more inclusive.

Thanks everybody!

what ballin’ posters!


GREAT INFORMATION! Great design and great inclusion. I don’t think there’s anything I can suggest, except maybe put them up at my university XD

Actually, can I print them off and put them up at my university?

Ohhh Jacq these are wonderful. I totally love how it also says that before assuming anything always check with the individual and their identity at the top, but these are great for people who really aren’t informed passed mainstream gay rights.



These are just fantastic. :D

I love these. Just to point out, the phobia suffix is seen as ableist because it trivialises people with real phobias and legitimises bigotry. Heterosexism and cissexism can replace homophobia and transphobia.

On a lighter note, wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer some kind of support for the queer child/friend? As the poster says, the chances are they’re going to suffer a lot of abuse and the suicide rates speak for themselves.

It reminds me of that mantra, acceptance is better than tolerance. That should include not just accepting that things are going to be hard but also that support structures are essential to combat that fact. But maybe that’s a whole other poster…

*bisexuality is not necessarily attraction to both “binary” genders and doesn’t reinforce the gender binary. Bisexual simply means attraction to at least two gender presentations and (usually) sexual organ variances, and colloquially often just means non-monosexual.The assumption that it reinforces the sexual binary is pretty shitty, and if we’re gonna get into that, wouldn’t being definitively gay or lesbian do that as well? (I don’t think OP meant to pin that on or say that about bisexuality at all, but I do see it being blamed on it a lot and it’s jut not accurate.)

^ Signal boost, bisexuality is any two genders.

Using male and female to describe the binary genders is also confusing, since intersex is later defined as ‘a person whose biological sex cannot be clearly classified as male or female’. I think that encourages ciscentrism and gender essentialism (even though cissexism issues are also discussed).

not only are these posters awesome, but these comments are awesome, too.

These are amazing. Love them. 

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Reading the #coming out tag is at once heart-warming and inspiring AND monumentally depressing. 

Thanksgiving for queers

Thanks to #lgbt #queer #trans advocates for all that they do and have done to improve life for people everywhere! #thanksgiving #imthankful

Let’s not forget about people in rural areas, towns, and big cities, Uganda and Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, among many other places, where people who are queer or trans* face threats daily as National Coming Out Week starts. 

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  • Girl: Oh hey, so you're bisexual?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Girl: Do you have a crush on me then?
  • Me: Oh hey, so you're straight?
  • Girl: Yeah.
  • Me: Do you have a crush on every guy you meet?
  • Girl at my old school upon finding out I was bisexual. Made me feel like there was no hope left for humanity.
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"I don’t understand bisexuals. Why can’t they just pick a side?"
My mother to me. She doesn’t know I’m bi and now I know for certain I can never come out. Made me sad and angry, like there is something wrong with me.
Via microaggressions
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